June 2017 Desktop Schedule Wallpaper

Here’s the June 2017 edition desktop schedule wallpaper! In a strange twist, the MLB schedulers decided to give the the Tigers off days this month along with a good amount of home games. Unfortunately, three games will be on national TV, including two tilts at Boston. Get ready for that one replay we all hate!

To download, just click here, select the Old English D if it is not already chosen, verify your resolution in the drop-down box, and click on “Download”.

Comerica Park to Move in Fences Once Again


Comerica Park will soon see drastic changes to its outfield fences. (Click to Enlarge)

DETROIT – A surprise press conference followed the Detroit Tigers’ 5-3 win over the Minnesota Twins on April 12th. Owner Chris Ilitch and General Manager Al Avila jointly announced that the outfield fences for Comerica Park are to be moved in immediately following tomorrow’s series finale with the Twins.

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