Game 5: Graph of DAMMIT, BULLPEN

Let’s take a look at the game’s best and worst performers, as brought to you by WPA (win probability added).

Predictably, Bruce Rondon was the Tigers’ weakest performer while Nicholas Castellanos was their best. On the Red Sox side of things, Chris Young came out on top while Rick Porcello was bringing up the rears. (Honorable mention to reliever Matt Barnes, who was the Sox’s best pitcher in terms of WPA.)

Best Performers

Nicholas Castellanos: .272 WPA
Ian Kinsler: .201 WPA
Daniel Norris: .145 WPA

Worst Performers

Bruce Rondon: -.371 WPA
Kyle Ryan: -.287 WPA
Tyler Collins: -.144 WPA

Red Sox
Best Performers

Chris Young: .298 WPA
Brock Holt: .161 WPA
Sandy León: .154 WPA

Red Sox
Worst Performers

Rick Porcello: -.272 WPA
Pablo Sandoval: -.171 WPA
Dustin Pedroia: -.126 WPA

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