Morning Recap: As the Starters Go, So Go the Tigers

The Good: Pretty much everything? Daniel Norris turned in a strong start, holding the Indians to just 1 run over 6 IP, and the offense jumped all over Trevor Bauer, getting 7 runs off the right hander. After Norris departed, Alex Wilson and Anibal Sanchez finished the game off, helping the Tigers notch a 7-1 win over Cleveland.

The Tigers have gotten at least 6 innings from their starters in 5 of their last 7 games (the exceptions being Daniel Norris’ start against Seattle Wednesday and Jordan Zimmermann’s outing against Chicago on Sunday).

The Bad: Norris fought his control at times, and gave up 4 walks. He was able to harness it later in the game, however, and was able to wriggle out of a few jams as well. I like when I have to reach to find bad things to talk about in game recaps.

The Ugly: Honestly… Nothing. This was a pretty good effort from the Tigers, from top to bottom. Dave Clark better keep bringing out the lineup card.

More At 11:
• Daniel Norris has given up just 1 run to the Indians in two starts, spanning 12 IP. He’s struck out 13 batters in that time (but given up 8 walks). The command is something he still needs to work on, but you could say he’s been effectively wild against the Tigers’ biggest competition.
• For whatever reason, Bauer can’t handle the Tigers. Prior to Monday’s game, Bauer’s all-time ERA against the Tigers was 7.24. This covers 54.2 IP. Bauer’s big problem against Detroit is keeping them off the basepaths; he’s given up 74 hits and allowed 25 walks. Bauer’s also hit 8 Tigers batters, the most of any team he’s faced.
• So, how about Sanchez? Anibal pitched two scoreless innings for the Tigers, and he didn’t do it by getting lucking and barely ekeing by. Anibal got 14 swings/7 whiffs, collecting 3 strikeouts in his 2 innings. An eagle-eyed GHF follower noted that it seemed Anibal had ditched his arm slot adjustment. Though Jim Price noticed his fastball—which touched 93mph—didn’t have much life at the plate, it got the most swings and misses for him on the evening. Could Anibal just have needed time to adjust to a new role? The jury’s still out; we’ll have to see more from Anibal before drawing any conclusions.
• Tyler Collins continues to hit on the homestand, He drilled a 3-run homer to give the Tigers a 5-0 lead in the second inning off Bauer. Collins has a .304/.360/.435 triple slash for the season, and over the last two weeks: .286/.375/.457. He just seems to be putting together solid at bats every time he digs in against opposing pitchers. When J.D. Martinez is ready to come off the DL, who goes down and who stays should not be a difficult decision. As long as he keeps hitting, Collins should stay.
• Since the MudHens were off on Monday, JaCoby Jones came back to Detroit and took batting practice to stay sharp. He’ll return to Toledo to resume his rehab assignment today. JaCoby should get a couple more games, at least, before he’s ready to be activated.
• Miguel Cabrera is going to be activated off the DL today and will be in the lineup! Yay!
• The Tigers got their third win of the season over Cleveland. Last year, they didn’t get their third win over Cleveland until September 27th. One more win over the Indians and the Tigers will match their 2016 total. Wow.

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