We Didn’t Start the Fiers

Because he got traded to the Oakland Athletics after all!

Mike Fiers was one of many Major Leaguers put on trade waivers this week and, unsurprisingly, the Oakland Athletics claimed him on Friday. The teams then had 72-hours to work out a trade, or the Tigers could pull Fiers back or let Oakland claim him. The deadline was at 1:30pm today. At 1:28pm according to Lynn Henning), the two teams hammered out a deal.

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The Tigers will select players from a list of prospects the two teams agreed on; if the PTBNLs get hurt the cash can serve as a fallback option.

Mercenary Mike Fiers is on the move. (Photo by Alexandra Simon)

After being removed from the Astros’ postseason roster last year, Fiers has a chance to pitch in the postseason with Oakland.

As for the Tigers, they’ll be recalling former top prospect Jacob Turner (who recently returned to the organization as a minor league free agent) to take Fiers’ next start:


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