Miguel Cabrera Unveils Candy, Unsettling Mascot Quickly Becomes Meme

So, Miguel Cabrera’s been a little busy lately! The Tigers’ first baseman—on the shelf this weekend with a strained oblique—unveiled his new venture, BitBits candy, at Comerica Park today. BitBits appear to be crispy, bite-sized, bits of “chocolatey fun” that come with their own… Whoa, what the heck is that thing.

I’m going to be seeing Chris the Crown in my nightmares. And I think Miggy will be too.

Tigers twitter knows a meme to run into the ground when they see one, and Chris the Crown did not disappoint.

The BitBits will be sold at Comerica Park starting this weekend, according to Matthew Mowery, and then will expand across the Midwest, until they conquer the 48 contiguous United States.