What Did the White Sox/Tigers Series Teach Us About the Tigers?

We’re only a third of the way through the season, so not probably not very much. However, it did show us some very important things. Namely, Jordan Zimmermann can resemble his old, pre-injury self when he has a handle on his once deadly slider. It showed us that the Tigers’ bullpen is pretty dang good now, and might have some unsung heroes, such as long-man Warwick Saupold. This series also showed us two different sides to the Tigers’ sometimes explosive, often frustrating offense: they can destroy weak pitching with the long ball and rack up extra base hits and they can play a little smallball, move runners along, and cash them in at opportune moments.

Almost everything went right for the Tigers in their three-game sweep of the lowly White Sox. And when something didn’t go as planned—such as de facto ace Justin Verlander leaving Sunday’s game early with a groin injury or stalwart set-up man Alex Wilson faltering in the eighth—different players stepped up to carry the team.

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Series Recap: Stop the World – I Want to Get Off

The Tigers’ three-game set in Tampa Bay was hardly a clinic in good pitching, good defense, or good hitting. The Tigers got drubbed in two of the three, and then handed away the other game on a game-ending error. Some fans might be wondering, “Is there anything we can take from this series?” It’s still rather early in the season so I don’t advocate attempting to draw meaningful conclusions from a three-game series, no matter how miserable it was.

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